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Guide to Voice alarm systems

The definitive guide to all types of emergency audio system aimed at consultants. manufacturers, installers and venue owners.

Available in print and ebook, it runs to over 200 pages and is packed with tables, diagrams and animations to help people understand this often misunderstood subject. The guide covers standards worldwide, including Europe, Australia and the USA. It also gives comprehensive information on the industry-changing topic of EN 54.

Written on two levels, it gives a comprehensive overview on how voice alarm systems work and how to understand the different standards for those new to the subject. For the experienced practitioner, it has detailed information and tables to allow people to cross-reference what different standards say on each issue.

There are over 200 graphical examples to assist those who don’t have English as their first language.

The ebook is available worldwide on the iTunes book store for iPhone, iPad and Mac.

For a print version, companies may order directly from us;  alternatively it’s available on Amazon.


(Apple Store) Guide to Voice Alarm Systems
by Sam De Pauw – Feb 15, 2016
“Finally a comprehensive, yet very easy to read, reference book that demystifies standards and practices in PA and Evac systems used worldwide! Even though the current EN54 standards are currently under revision, this guide is a must have for anyone who’s manufacturing, planning or integrating Evac or PA systems for the next years to come.
Thank you.”

Installation Magazine
by Neil Voce
“If you have any active role in VA, this book is almost certainly going to tell you something you didn’t know. It’s a valuable addition to your library, and, if you’re involved in the voice alarm business internationally, the comprehensive tables on standards requirements alone justify the investment of the time and money.”

If you want to see the contents of the Guide to Voice Alarm Systems book click here

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