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Lord's cricket ground
The home of cricket


For the past ten years RH Consulting has provided audio design and consultancy services to Lord’s Cricket Ground. Lord’s is a unique venue, steeped in history, set in the heart of St John’s Wood, London.

Faced with a very old audio system, RH Consulting created a design that could be implemented over the course of several years.

There were a number of challenging requirements. Lord’s backs on to a number of residential properties and regularly received noise complaints. In addition, the ground is not a conventional stadium ‘bowl’; every stand is a different building and therefore each requires a bespoke audio system design.

Following the completion of the new design the ground no longer gets noise complaints from neighbours about the PA system.

The only Cricket ground in the world that does not require a supplementary PA system for T20 matches

The system itself is nearly invisible thanks to the use of colour co-ordinated loudspeakers, each placed in discreet locations.

Using the latest networking technology, the system can be extended as required. The newly developed Warner stand had little impact on the rest of the site. It was just a question of running a couple of fibre optic cables to the new building.

The new design has achieved a 70% power saving. This not only results in electricity savings, but there are other advantages too, such as smaller and cheaper battery supplies. The reduced quantity of batteries produces less environmentally unfriendly waste. Some rack areas no longer require air conditioning; previously that was expensive maintenance requirement.

The new system is fully compliant with the latest voice alarm standards and both we and the ground enjoy a close relationship with Westminster council to ensure that the safety standards are maintained.

During the last few years a new form of Cricket match has become more popular. The T20 match is short, snappy and brings in a younger crowd. Supporting this audience is a DJ who usually brings in an additional PA system. Lord’s is the only Cricket ground in the world that does not require a supplementary rental PA system for T20 matches.

In addition to offering design services, we have given Lord’s advice on all their audio requirements. This has ranged from audio for disability, temporary audio systems, liaising with broadcasters, training and budgeting.

For ten years we have been Marylebone Cricket Club’s sole provider of audio advice.


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