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Derby Stadium
Delivering great audio along with a safe and compliant means of evacuation


Whilst a new stadium sound system is a big project, Derby County isn’t a story of huge sums of money and an extended timescale. The system was designed and installed within a few weeks to a reasonable budget.

This was achieved by using a combination of canny purchasing, sensible use of in-house teams and existing contractors, backed by first-rate support and advice from the team at RH Consulting. The result is unquestionably the best sounding stadium in Europe. The primary purpose is of course to deliver crystal clear speech in the event of an emergency. With the raft of rule changes post-Hillsborough, safe evacuation of the public is paramount.

The club is assured that everyone can hear good quality audio, but underneath the high quality speech is a powerful monster capable of delivering concert quality sound.

This improvement adds to the enjoyment of fans. No more tinny announcements and lame sounding jingles. It also opens the ground up for a whole variety of public uses that demand great sound. It has been designed to offer flexibility for many types of event.

The local newspaper reported that the system is the loudest in the country. This may be true but that is simply because it is the only one that complies to the letter of FIFA standards – not bad for a Championship club.

We were appointed as the consultants for the project and we worked closely with the club to deliver this great result.

Derby stadium sound team
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We designed the system and then programmed, tested and commissioned everything. We provided all the project documentation and manuals and worked with the equipment suppliers to refine the design and to ensure quality of installation.

In addition, we ensured that the system complied to all the required national and European standards. We liaised with the local council providing all the licensing and safety documentation. This was so comprehensive that the council approved everything without requiring any changes to what we proposed.

Derby now own a top quality, compliant and simple to use system that is easy to maintain, expand and modify as needs change in the future. In terms of performance and compliance, the project raises the bar and is now the standard against which all other stadiums in the United Kingdom should be judged.

We invite you to come and listen to what the next generation of stadium system sounds like.


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