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Hearing it all louder

The next step therefore was to send some audio to a pair of Genelec 4420A loudspeakers.

You may have seen a case study in the press and on the RAVENNA website about some special Genelec loudspeakers that were used in a restaurant project in Finland ( Hooking the loudspeakers up to the network and firing up the Genelec software we then set the loudspeakers to listen to a stream from one of the computers and were then better able to appreciate the quality of the stream that was being transmitted.

Genelec Speaker 1Genelec Speaker 2
Genelec 4420A RAVENNA connection

Loudspeaker Setup

Although the software interface was a unique Genelec one rather than the generic RAVENNA version it was still straightforward to enter the correct settings and get audio running.


The Genelec 4420s we got a chance to play with are prototypes. However subsequent to our testing Genelec have now formally released the 8430 IP SAM Studio Monitor which are the commercially available AES67 and RAVENNA loudspeakers.

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